X1 series
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Operating Limits
●Liquid Temperature: up to 50°C (122˚F)
●MAX.depth: 5M
●Domestic drainage
●Grey water drainage.
●Koi pond
●Light waste water discharge.
●Emergencies flooding pumping in homes
●‧Fountain and landscape
●Drainage pumping.
Stainless Steel Series electric submersible drainage pumps
Compact design with Top Discharge Outlet reduces space usage for
installation in small manholes, for use in domestic, installations and small
featured works.
Two different types of lever sensors:
‧Mechanical activated float switch with cable extender (A)
‧Vertical Mechanical activated Float Switch with casement (S)
Top discharged cools and removes heat from the motor through the outlet.
It allows these pumps to be used even when only partially submerged.
Every model undergoes hydrostatic testing for leakage from the casing and
mechanical seals.