4" Oil Filled Motor
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Operating Limits
●Max. Immersion depth: 200m
●Protection: IP68
●Max starts / h : 40
●Insulation: Class F
●Max water temperature: 35°C
●Flow rate: 0.2m/sec
●Removable waterproof cable connector for esay maintenance operations.
●Cable materials are CE approved (for potable water applications)
●Non-toxic oil-premium quality,colorless white oil.
●Special stator design for high starting torque in single-phase models.
●Unique single-phase electrical design for psc starting,and starting capacitor + PSC starting.
●Motor casing,shaft,upper cover and bottom end made of stainless steel.
●Zinc-plated cast iron upper bracket.
●Stators are designed for higher efficiency and the ability to operate within wider voltage fluctuations.
●Use of high quality european made components such as mechanical seal,cable connectors,copper winding wires and insulations
●All motors 100% tested.