Advantages of Partnering

What can Stairs be for you?

  For a considerable amount of time now, companies have transitioned from being traditional manufacturing and sales organizations to separating the manufacturing process from the sales and marketing functions. This has been evident in the growth of outsourcing and the emergence of contract manufacturing companies specializing in assembly, ensures product quality, and delivering products within strictly competitive timeframes.

  Meanwhile, the traditional companies that previously carried out their own manufacturing processes have shifted towards being primarily marketing companies that leverage their resources to develop markets and sales, while also handling product design and customer service. This turn of the tide is also now taking precedence in the pump industry.

Be your manufacturing function

  Stairs Industrial has a wealth of experience in manufacturing high-quality pumps, constantly exported to over 200 countries worldwide. Hence, we are most suited to serve as your manufacturing arm. Boasting a clientele of leading pump manufacturers and distributors in both local and international arena, STAIRS pride itself in producing dependable, price-competitive pumps that can be readily customized with the customer's trademark.

  In addition, Stairs Industrial can assess and manufacture pumps of all types, old and new models alike including related by-products. We stand by our commitment to deliver excellent products and services that will meet our clients' needs and exceed their expectations.

What can Stairs offer you?

High Quality
  Stairs takes full responsibility for the design, the manufacture and the quality of our pumps. The high volume of our production enables us to justify the use of high volume automated production machinery and testing equipment. Although our production staff is trained and experienced, the secret to consistently high quality production is the use of high volume automated production machinery so that all pump components are consistently identical; as well as our continual control of quality at all stages of the manufacturing process. The vast majority of our production is done in-house, which allows us to control the quality from the manufacturing of the individual parts through to the end product.
Competitive Prices
  Stairs Industrial recognizes the importance of providing competitive pricing for our products offerings, which are manufactured with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. Our impressively growing production volume requirement allows us to negotiate favorable pricing for raw materials, such as stainless steel, while justifying investments in advanced and cost-effective production machineries. Despite inevitable price increases on raw materials over the past two years, staying true to our commitment on providing competitive pricing has helped our customers to remain as integral players in their markets.
  It is important to note that we do not necessarily offer the lowest prices in the industry, but rather, we offer considerable enough brackets that help cement our capacity to invest and uphold our facility modernization and enlist skilled personnel while simultaneously providing even better products and services to our customers now and in the years to come.
Customer Service
  We have a trained and conscientious staff so that we can provide our customers with timely and appropriate responses. Our staff works hard to make working with us as easy as possible and provides our customers the support that they need so that they can concentrate on developing additional business. We want to make working with Stairs as easy as possible for our customers. We want to be an extension of your company.
  Being partners implies a trust, honesty and integrity between the partners. We work hard to earn our customers' trust and our relationships are based on these factors.
  One of our objectives is to establish long term relationships with our customers as partners. We can both be most successful if we consider each other partners in a long term relationship. And as partners, we always welcome suggestions, recommendations and constructive criticism that helps us to be
even more responsive to our partners in the future. We value these relationships highly.
  We thank our customers/partners for giving us the opportunity of working with them. We look forward to further expanding our family of valued partners.


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Customer Service

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